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Clothes that Help the Environment: Living Green by Wearing Earth-friendly Clothing

With so much emphasis on important foods to eat to live a green lifestyle, what should also be considered is clothes to wear that are sustainable and earth friendly. By buying used clothing and avoiding dry cleaning if possible, the impact one has on the environment can be reduced.

Live a Greener Lifestyle by Dressing Green

Just like food production, textile and clothing production contributes a significant amount towards global pollution and waste. In order to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, one should consider clothing purchases from manufacturers that employ environmentally conscious techniques in their manufacturing.

Second hand clothing is as green as one can get. By purchasing and wearing second hand clothing, consumers are recycling and reusing clothing that is not ready for a landfill.

Use Earth Friendly Cleaning Techniques for Washing Clothes

Clothes that require dry cleaning are not earth friendly and so it is important to focus on purchasing clothing that does not require dry cleaning. If clothing must be dry cleaned, ask around for local cleaners that do not use the toxic per (Perchloroethylene) method, which is harmful to the environment.

Consider using cold water instead of hot water for washing machine cycles which will save energy because the water for the cycle will not have to be heated. To further save energy and money, cut back on dryer use whenever it is reasonable to hang clothes out to dry.

Plenty of earth friendly laundry detergents are on the market today and there is no reason not to use laundry detergents that are less harmful for the environment. By using laundry detergents that are earth friendly, clothes will be less irritating to the skin.

Green Clothing can be Made from Organic Cotton and Hemp

Organic cotton, hemp and other natural textiles are great keywords to look for when checking out labels on clothes. Clothes made from organic cotton tend to be soft and are easy to maintain.

It is not always easy to find clothing that is made out of organic cotton or hemp, but by looking around and shopping locally it should be easy to learn where earth friendly clothing can be purchased.

A good place to start when looking for local, organically made clothing is to check out a local food cooperative. Many members involved with a food cooperative grocery store will be earth conscious consumers and might be able to provide advice on where to shop. Some stores carry a very limited amount of earth conscious clothing as well.

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