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Green living loosing credibility

Green living slogans are starting to loose credibility among consumers and environmental groups. Green poo is still poo. The same goes for bleach. Just changing the label to green and adding images of streams and meadows only gives the illusion of an eco friendly product.

Many of these companies have done nothing to change the ingredients or environmental hazards to you or your families . We do see alot of them donating back to eco friendly efforts and many of those organizations were started by the company.

When corporations made billions of dollars over the years and ignoring the signs of damaging our earth they realized more and more people are standing up for an eco friendly world. Realizing millions and millions of potential consumer purchases are lost. They decided to change their marketing strategies. By donating back one million of the billions made over the year , ignoring the dangers these businesses decided to chang their images, logos, slogans and labels, The companies saw a market and higher earnings in eco friendly markets.

Change a red lable to green, add a picture of a meadow and a stream, increase the price and you have an eco friendly product for everyone to buy. A green lable on abottle of bleach

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