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Green Living Strategies for Household Laundry

There are many green living strategies for household laundry. While “Going Green” has been the subject of many conversations since as early as the 1980s, today it is an extremely popular choice as many are starting to see the evidence of their lifestyle choices on the atmospheric conditions of our world. As climatic based changes are starting to occur more frequently, people everywhere are becoming more creative in their approach to saving our natural resources, money, and the environment as a whole. In this guide, you will be introduced to green living strategies for doing your household laundry.

The first green living strategy to doing your household laundry is to ensure that you purchase a washer that is considered to be safe for the environment and energy efficient. If you take a look at the selection of washers on the market today, you will often notice that they are designed to use less water, less electricity, and spin cycles that are faster than older models. All of these features result in the units being more “green”. It is likely that you will notice certain settings are now in place on many washing machines on the market today. It is not uncommon to see settings such as “Quick Wash” and “Energy Star”. These assist in consuming less power and less water, therefore making the product the “green” choice for those wishing to reduce their carbon footprint.

The next green living strategy for household laundry is to be mindful of the detergents that you use to wash clothes and other fabrics in your home. Many individuals are now creating their own laundry soap in order to bypass the harsh chemicals that are often included in common over-the-counter laundry detergent products. It is quite simple to create homemade laundry soap. All it takes is boiling hot water, grated bar soap, borax, washing soda, and an essential oil of your preference to create a scent. You simply mix everything together and use as needed. Typically, for a full load of laundry, you will need approximately half a cup of the green laundry soap that you have created.

If you want to go “green” when it comes to drying your clothes, that is easy! Simply bypass the electric and/or gas clothes dryer and go for the solar powered one – the outdoor clothes line! If you live in an area that is warm, or experiences gentle breezes throughout the day, you can easily create an outdoor clothes line to hang up your laundry on! All it takes is a sturdy line, a couple of poles that can be placed in the ground, and some clothes pins and you will likely save hundreds of dollars annually in electric costs! Not only can you save money, but you can make a positive contribution to saving the environment as a whole! As you can see here, there are many green living strategies for household laundry – indulging in just one of these strategies can drastically reduce the carbon footprint that you leave behind!

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