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GreenDimes Promotes Green Living

GreenDimes is a company taking a bite out of junk mail waste in an effort to help the earth and promote green living. GreenDimes helps by allowing you to target exactly what advertising mail you wish to see, and stop those advertisers from whom you don’t wish to receive mail, cutting back on the amount of paper waste throughout the country. They will even pay you $1 to sign up on their website to get started! Want to start managing which junk mail lists you are on? Head on over and take a peek.

I will be the first to say that I am not a die-hard environmentalist, but I do worry at times about the state our earth is in. God created this beautiful earth for us to live on, and I believe it is our job to at least make an effort to keep it as clean and healthy as possible. With this in mind, my husband and I have taken a few steps ourselves to “live green”. Maybe one of the options we are using will be something simple that you and your family can implement as well.

Eliminate plastic storage from your home.

One of the first things we have done is to eliminate any plastic storage containers from our household use. We have switched from plastic storage containers to glass storage instead. We have purchased small sets of glass storage containers as we could afford them, and slowly built up enough to the point where we do not have any plastic storage in our home at all. If the glass chips or breaks, they can then be sent to a recycling center. Not only does this reduce plastic waste, but it is also much healthier for our family. Plastic contains many toxins that we choose to avoid.

Use all natural cleansers.

The second step we have taken to help promote green living is to switch our cleaning products from chemical based products to all natural products. One of my favorite products is from Clorox, and it is called GreenWorks. GreenWorks is a coconut-based cleanser, and it is 99% natural. It smells wonderful, and it cleans just as well as any of the other chemical based products I have used in the past. You can learn more about GreenWorks here.

Vinegar and water is also a great cleanser. You can use it for anything from countertops to cleaning your coffee pot. It doesn’t smell the greatest, but it is a wonderful way to clean your home without harsh chemicals. To use it, simply mix 50% straight white vinegar with 50% water.

Purchase a water filter for your faucet.

My husband and I recently purchased a water filter for our kitchen sink. Since we live in a mountainous area that has hard water, our water was full of calcium particles and other minerals. This was not only unsightly when poured into a drinking glass; it also clogged up many of our appliances. Instead of purchasing bottled water though, (which would of course cause a lot of waste from plastic bottles) we decided to purchase a water filter for our kitchen sink. We now have fresh, purified water, and we have done a little more to help keep our earth clean.

Create your own garbage disposal deodorizers.

One of the drawbacks of having a garbage disposal in your kitchen is the often-problematic smells that can come from using it. Instead of pouring bleach down your sink though, try using natural items that come from your kitchen! Simple things such as dried orange peels, dried lemon peels, and even fresh cinnamon sticks can be used. Simply drop a couple of your dried peels or one cinnamon stick into the disposal, and grind it up. It will leave your kitchen smelling amazingly fresh, and once again, you have avoided using chemicals that may harm the earth.

Living green isn’t hard. It’s all about finding small ways that you can make a difference. Some of the ideas that my family has put into action may not seem like much, but in the long run, every little bit makes a difference. Just think of how much could be accomplished towards having a healthier earth if everyone made just one small change.

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