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How Children Can Go Green Too: Parents’ Responsibility to Educate Their Children

With today’s economy becoming more and more uncertain, inflation continuingly rising, and individuals falling further into debt, people are not only uncertain about their future, but they are very much uncertain about their family’s future. However, although such pressing issues are becoming more relevant to a number of people daily, you cannot afford to forget about the fundamentals, and the general care and parenting of your children.

Parents or guardians initially shape their children’s lives from a very early age. Furthermore, prior to any other influence (media, peers and other social forms of observation) parents are the primary sources of information for their children. They determine not only what children learn, but also when they learn it.

With such a huge impact on a child’s life, parents must not forget how important their role is when faced with other national and global threats that they may be faced with. The following points look at ways in which parents can combine their relationships between themselves and their children, with considerations of their ever changing, uncertain environment.

Take a Walk

It may take a lot longer to rummage through the house to find your misplaced car keys, than to slip on your shoes and take a nice gentle stroll to your local shop. Including your children will not only give you more quality time together, but will let you assist in their learning, through the exploration of their surrounding environment. Furthermore, by leaving the car at home, you will be promoting your physical health and that of your children, by doing more walking, and protecting the environment.

In today’s economy, with petrol prices rising, you could even ride your bikes together, or take the bus. Not only will this save you money in the long run and improve your overall fitness, it will also assist you with educating your children about current and future global issues.


When finding yourself further in debt, eating out may be a luxury you can no longer afford. However, this doesn’t need to be a bad thing, as you can explore alternative options with your children. Why not consider cooking with your children? Not only will doing this assist in their learning, it will also teach them essential life skills, and save you more money than it would to enjoy the convenience of eating out. When experimenting with food and recipes, keep in mind that the general rule about buying food is that the fresher it is, and the more work you have to do to it, the cheaper it will be to buy.


This can be a fun thing to do with your children. Together you can learn about the benefits of recycling and make a fun game of it, for example which one of you can recycle the most in a week, month or even year. Not only will this provide quality parenting time, it will also educate your children about the importance of protecting the environment, and get them into a habit of doing so as they grow older, and eventually start their own families.

When considering current and future global issues, the key word to ensure a high level of parenting is “involvement”. With the constant worries in today’s society, it is easy to forget the fundamentals, and what is equally, if not more important i.e. parenting. By involving your children in issues relating to the both the economy and environment, not only will this assist you in providing a higher standard of parenting, it will also assist you with educating your children about current national and global issues, relevant to their lives.

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